Whiteacrce_Liz_FRAMED_COV Hit the Ground, published by Finishing Line Press (2013), is a collection of poems that tells the story of Liz Whiteacre’s experiences with spinal injury and how her life changed—in the time it took to hit the ground. Poems take you from the emergency room through a labyrinth of doctors’ offices and waiting rooms, therapy treatments, and days back on the job. Pain moves in, and Whiteacre can’t get Pain to move out as quickly as she’d like…


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About Liz

Liz Whiteacre received her MFA from Southern Illinois University—Carbondale. Her poems have appeared in Wordgathering, Kaleidoscope, Disability Studies Quarterly, Disabled World, The Healing Muse, Breath & Shadow, and other literary magazines. She  is an Assistant Professor of English at the University of Indianapolis and currently teaches writing workshops through the Indiana Writers Center and Midwest Writers Workshop–Plus.


Interview with Liz Whiteacre,” with Michael Northen, Wordgathering, September 2010

Dialogue on Disability Poetry,” with writers Kara Dorris (Elective Infinities), Rebecca Foust (Dark Card ), Anne Kaier (In Fire ), Laurie Clements Lambeth (Veil and Burn), and Liz Whiteacre, Wordgathering, September 2011

New Faculty Profile: Liz Whiteacre,” with Tyler Fields, Ball State University English Department, November 2012

Radio Interview with Liz Whiteacre,” with Alec Cizak @ The Weekly Reader. KMSU Radio (Minnesota State University), April 2013

College of DuPage: Reading and Discussion with Liz Whiteacre, (video) with Ida Hagman, Department of English, College of DuPage, November 2013

Meet Liz Whiteacre!E-Pistle, Midwest Writers Workshop, May 2016

Valentine Poets,” (radio) with John Strauss, Todd McKinney, Mark Neely, Allison Nusbaum, and Liz Whiteacre. Indiana Weekend from IPR. Indiana Public Radio, 13 Feb. 2015

Recorded Performances

Healing Words: The Poetry of Mind and Body with Liz Whiteacre and Rachel McKibbens. Department of English, College of DuPage, November 2013

Other Projects

Monday Coffee & Other Stories of Mothering Children with Special Needs co-edited by Lyn Jones and Liz Whiteacre. Featuring essays and poetry by Stacey Anderson, Amanda Apgar, Alison Auerbach, Sally Bittner Bonn, Ann Bremer, Christy Spaulding Boyer, Barbara Crooker, Linda Davis, Jane Dwyer, Kimberly Escamilla, Carmen Noller Iwaszczenko, Suzanne Kamata, Emily Klein, Sharon Kroll, Heather Kirn Lanier, Robin LaVoie, Leslie Mahoney, Liz Main, Julie Mairano, Claudia Malacrida, MaDonna Maurer, Jennifer Meade, Michelle McLaughlin, Ellen Moore, Deborah Leigh Norman, Michelle Odland, Mary Overfield, Jamie Pacton, Cynthia Patton, Jo Pelishek, Christina Searcy, Stephanie Sumulong, Dee Thompson, Tina Traster, Tracey Trousdell, and Anna Yarrow. Learn more about the book and the Monday Coffee & Other Stories blog at http://motheringkidswithspecialneeds.wordpress.com.

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