IMG_20130524_174401_177 Hattie and I have been making secret plans to celebrate her dad tomorrow. I’ve got fathers on the brain and recognize I am fortunate to have grandfathers, a father, and a husband whom I admire for infinite reasons. Over the years, I’ve witnessed these men recover from health crises like heart surgery, knee surgery, or back injury, sweat through therapy session after therapy session, change how they live because they didn’t want to settle, and teach me much about the powers to heal and forgive. They inspire me to be the best person I can be—the healthiest person I can be.

I’d like to thank these and all the other dads who are healthy role models (especially those who’ve just joined the ranks this spring!). I hope you get to spend father’s day with the people who adore you and appreciate every hard decision you make. Thank you for teaching us ways to conquer challenges that at times seem insurmountable. Thank you for giving us so many good reasons to keep going.